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Custom Reborn Dolls for Sale

Below are the dolls that I currently have for sale. If you are interested in buying a doll, please contact me for a shipping estimate and payment options.

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Sara Linn

Prototype Sara Linn by Antonio Sanchis

Reborn On Aug 23, 2015
Weight ~ Approx 6 lbs 3 oz
Length ~ 21 Inches

 I want to thank Brenda and the Macpherson's team for giving me this wonderful opportunity to reborn this beautiful prototype "Sara Linn" by Antonio Sanchis and produced by Macphersons Crafts! This doll is only available on Ebay.

Click here to see my Ebay auction and bid on Sara Linn.

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Sarah Beth

Sarah sculpt by Antonio Sanchis

Price $410.00 USD

Reborn On Aug 27, 2015
Weight ~ Approx 5 lbs 9 oz
Length ~ 21 Inches

Click here to see more pictures of Sarah Beth


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